Missing MOO

by hillarybiscay

I am really bummed to write today’s update. As most of you are probably aware, about a month ago, we had some sad news both about some of our classic American races and professional ironman racing here in the States. The WTC announced that in 2015 we will no longer have professional races at some of my very favorite events, including Ironman Lake Placid, and—even worse—Ironman Wisconsin. Of course this was really sad for me personally, as I’ve had 7 outings in Madison and would have loved to get in 10 before calling it a career. But a month ago I learned that 2014 would most likely be my last one.

Much bigger than my personal loss, however, is the loss to the development of the pros in our sport here in the States. In taking away the smaller-purse events, we’ve done away with opportunities for developing pros who are willing to race their tails off and hustle for a dollar to make ends meet–that’s how many of my peers and I got our start. Now I find myself wondering where to send my young women who have pretty much maxed out age-group title-winning opportunities and will be first-year pros next year. At the iron-distance, they won’t have an opportunity to even try to make a part-time income racing as “professionals” domestically. And that, I think, is a huge loss—for the future of our sport.

IROCK lemmon

Now back to my personal situation: in short, my own sad news is that I now find myself unable to take advantage of my last opportunity to race at my all-time favorite venue in front of my all-time favorite crowds this weekend in Madison. I could not be more disappointed and feel really lame even detailing how I ended up having to pull my name off the start list last week. It basically comes down to a silly and unfortunate string of events that have kept me from preparing properly over the past two months: tendonitis in my foot and time off of running, followed by a bike crash / emergency room/ stitches blah blah, followed by an infection in my foot that once again kept me from running and ended up having to be cut open and drained . . . then ending with my back going out after five days of limping around on a jacked up foot with an infection in it. That put me 10 days ago, two weeks out from Ironman Wisconsin, having missed much too much training over 7 weeks, and still unable even to walk normally as my back was so freaked out.

It would have been one thing if I’d gone into this period super fit but after 3 iron-distance races and a 100K in 8 weeks then taking the last 3 weeks of June for a work-fest, I had long out-raced and out-“rested” my fitness. I desperately needed to be nose-to-the-grindstone during July and August and it didn’t happen. As much as I wanted so badly to experience IMMOO one more time–and my family already had their tickets to come watch, etc—it is also the last place that I wanted to go and jog around all day. So I had to make the tough call. I want to thank everyone who has already sent me such lovely good luck messages and send all my best smashfest wishes to everyone racing in Madison on Sunday—I will certainly be there in spirit!