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My New Ride . . . and some news!

by hillarybiscay


Some of you may have seen a sneak preview of this beauty: my new ride. Or you may have noticed the super bike at the front of the race while watching the Hawaii Ironman a few weeks ago. Maik and I are both now riding the Dimond, which happens to be the creation of a dear friend of ours, 2x Ironman Champion and engineering genius TJ Tollakson. He makes these bikes right here in Des Moines, Iowa!

This relationship started when Maik and TJ were training together in Tucson last winter and would do some informal power tests with TJ on his Dimond and Maiki on his previously-most-beloved tri bike. The GCM was blown away by how much less power TJ had to put out in comparison to him on the same ride. He couldn’t stop talking about it, actually. Then he got on the bike and took some rides himself and suddenly there was no other bike he wanted to ride.


This year in Kona Dimond had 21 bikes with Maik’s bike helping him turn the 2nd fastest bike split of the day. He swears he comes out of T2 fresher and puts together a better run thanks to the beam design. Here’s the Dimond website if you want to learn more about their bikes and wind tunnel testing.

TJ asked Michele and I to help Dimond design a paint scheme for women’s bike and this SMASH-Dimond beauty was born. Even better, it is now available to the public and we are helping to outfit a SMASH-Dimond women’s team who will ride bikes just like mine. I could not be more thrilled!!

As a member of the SMASH-Dimond team you’ll receive exclusive discounts on Smash apparel, Dimond bikes and Ruster Sports gear.

Here’s the application which opens in Google forms that’ll tell the folks at Dimond about you. Remember, they are looking for great brand ambassadors and race performance is only half the equation! Apply now as spots are limited and team members will be selected this month.