1 Sept 10: Rough Day at the Office

by hillarybiscay

You know my rule about “If you don’t have anything nice to say . . . ” so I will keep my Ironman Louisville race report very brief. Quite simply, it was just one of those days. I just didn’t have it–from swim, to bike, to run . . . Each time, I kept my mind open and optimistic that I might find “it” during the next discipline, but that never happened.

Saturday check-in with the 2008 Champ, Max Longree, and my new Oakleys!

I know it’s a rough day at the office when:

By mile ten of the 112-mile ride, all I can think of is, how much longer til I can get off my bike and run a marathon, please?!?!? A hundred miles by bike is a long time to be asking, “Are we there yet?”

My competition is so surprised to be overtaking me on the bike as early as they do that rather than offering encouragement as they go by, they ask, “Are you okay?” (a lovely gesture but never a good sign)

I have to get out of the saddle on the flats just to try to turn the pedals over.

I come off the bike in last. pro. female.

My fiancee doesn’t even need a bike to chase me around the run course to cheer me on. Instead, he can push his bike with its flat tire and arrive at the next mile marker faster that I can, while I am “racing.”

After 45 ironmans, I need IV fluids for the first time ever–two bags’ worth.


However, although not violating my “no DNF-ing” rule was painful and far from fun, I continue to believe that there is always something to be gained from every ironman we finish. This brings me to the day’s highlights:

Seeing my dear friends and K-Swiss teammates, Kim Loeffler and Bree Wee, have very well-deserved big days and podium finishes–and Bree grabbing that Kona slot she’s been dreaming of. This stuff made me smile every time I crossed paths with the girls–thank goodness the run was an out-and-back!

Lessons learned: After Challenge Copenhagen, I got really sick. I convinced myself I was okay come race weekend–so effectively, apparently, that my lack of strength on race day came as a rude shock. In retrospect, I should have taken a couple of days off a week before Louisville when I was literally having to drag myself out of bed to do my workouts. In the two weeks between ironmans, there isn’t any fitness to be gained. I lost touch with my order of priorities, which at that point should have been “recover.” Instead I likely prolonged my illness by trying to tick all the boxes on my training schedule even though I was feeling terrible. This was probably a costly mistake; the flip side of this is that it was also a valuable lesson learned.

In more fun news, MindBodyGreen asked me for a grocery list . . . Here it is!

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