3 Sept 10: Zipp Visit!

by hillarybiscay

The GCM and I made a stop just outside Indianapolis, Indiana on our midwestern road trip. Besides being able to visit and catch up with one of my childhood friends and her family–which was awesome–we finally got to visit the Zipp World Headquarters. This is not just a corporate office but the Zipp factory as well. We are both lucky enough to be sponsored by Zipp and were pretty pumped to see where our wheels come from!

David Ripley (a.k.a. Rip) from Zipp gave us the lowdown on Zipp’s history . . . Check out the many versions of race wheels and the old-school Zipp bike . . . Rumor has it that a well-known pro may soon be bringing one of these back into action . . .

We couldn’t take any pics of their top-secret equipment or testing and manufacturing procedures, but I can tell you that Zipp wheels are really and truly handmade right here in the USA. We saw the magic happening with our own eyes and were in awe of how many hands were at work in the countless stages of producing one of our wheels–not to mention the battery of tests to which these wheels are subjected in order to make sure they are bombproof. The folks at Zipp have invented some crazy machinery to test every aspect of the wheels we are riding; it made me feel good since my life depends on these wheels in more ways than one!

What was equally impressive was that these folks are continually trying to outdo themselves. I mean, everyone already loves her Zipps, knows they are the highest-quality, fastest, and best-looking wheels out there, and yet Zipp is always coming up with something new. Above I am checking out the latest and greatest–just announced this week–the 808 Carbon Clincher.

Yes, my friends, that is a whole rack of these beauties: your 808 carbon rim made for clinchers (the 404 version came out a few months ago); my engineer/ cycling machine friends TJ and Jordan loooove their clinchers because they say there’s less rolling resistance on these sort of tires….Now you have the benefit of this with the carbon rim, and it comes in a new-and-improved shape, called Firecrest, which makes this wheel even more aerodynamic.

Thank you, Zipp, for taking care of us with the world’s best wheels!

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