9 September 10: Endurance Planet Podcast

by hillarybiscay

Ian is here! It is so much fun to have so many of our favorite friends in town for this event . . . Matty Lieto is even on his way to do some commentating for ironmanlive! And my parents arrive this afternoon. I haven’t seen them since May–can’t wait.

So last night Ian and I hit the lake for a little swim. It was beautiful! I am still not sure whether it will be a wetsuit-legal swim, so thank goodness TYR has come up with a new suit that meets the new non-wetsuit/ swimskin rules: the Torque. Last night’s was my first swim in it and it was awesome–so comfortable, yet noticeably more buoyant than wearing a regular swimsuit. Its material feels like the old-school papersuits we used to race in when I was a kid! And I was pleased that I had my nails painted red yesterday too . . .

Amanda supervised the swim. How cute is that tank-top?! It has a cross-back with skinny double straps. It’s the “Tricolor Tankini” for you online shoppers–people are always asking me for style names so I will try to start posting with links here . . . This one comes in multiple colors.

Enough girlie talk . . . I also wanted to share an interview that I did just two days ago with one of my fave podcasts, Endurance Planet. This is the show I always go to to hear the superstar ultrarunners with whom I am so intrigued. Anyways, Kevin heard I might have a little ultra-themed off-season adventure planned (more on this soon–one race at a time!), so we had a little chat. You can listen here.

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