13 Sept 10: I need a nap.

by hillarybiscay

Three ironmans in four weeks and this pretty much sums up the experience. I need a freakin’ nap. Or maybe just four weeks without an ironman–okay I have three weeks and six days til Hawaii so that will do! Anyways, I will post a full report on Ironman Wisconsin this week, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I am alive; my body is in one piece, and everything is fine. I am really disappointed to not have been at my best here in Madison at my favorite race, but I have been very fortunate here over the years and I can’t expect to always have things my way.

Still, racing here in Madison is always so special for me, and I want to thank everyone who was out there on the sidelines cheering, supporting from an aid station or elsewhere, and all of the competitors who cheered me on. There were times on the run when I felt like virtually every competitor I crossed paths with yelled my name and words of encouragement. It is truly overwhelming the way that I have been embraced by the people of this race, and by the second lap of the run I was able to smile and really appreciate this in spite of being a bit brokenhearted at fighting for a paycheck instead of the podium.

I also had four special people come all the way from California to support me–superfans Zody and Jules surprised me by showing up in the helix while I ran though T1. I had no idea they were even coming!

And then my parents were here for the second year in a row; they now love this race as much as I do! Dad had also recently learned how to take and send photos with his iphone, so has been documenting the weekend’s excitement and sending live updates to my little sis back home (She opted for Kona instead of Madison this year–I can’t wait for that trip!).

Another of the day’s highlights was time with friends and greeting my athlete IronBob, at the finish line.

Like my parents, IronBob is a big fan of the “traveler” in the red cup. So my dad was kind enough to mix him a special treat, which I delivered to him at the finish. Perhaps more impressive than his finish was his ability to down the contents of the traveler (just smelling them made me want to vomit) within 30 minutes of crossing the line . . .

THANK YOU so much to everyone who helped in some way yesterday; the spirit of this race is what keeps me coming back–and I will be back!

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