17 September10: Home Sweet NEW Home

by hillarybiscay

After four and a half months on the road, we are finally HOME! I must admit that although we had long been looking forward to being home, leaving Madison was still very sad. My homestay Kari is like family and I hate saying goodbye! However this year I think we really do have her convinced to come visit us in Tucson over the winter . . .

Our anticipation of being HOME was heightened over the past months by knowing that we would be coming home to a new house! After finding it this spring, we had to hurry up and wait til after our long trip to start moving. Yesterday it officially became ours, and while we will wait til after Kona for the heavy lifting, we are moving enough stuff for now so that we can stay there–we’ve had enough of waiting for it!

Our new place is just about two miles down the road from our old one–still right next to all of our favorite swim, bike and run here in Tucson. And we now are connected to Sam with a trail of about 400 meters. Love it!

I also spent all morning yesterday getting an awesome bike fit on my Wilier. The last time I had a proper one was over two years ago with Dan Empfield. I was really happy with that position, and although I have tried my best to maintain it, I’ve changed enough pieces and parts–and then tweaked my position here and there–over this time that I no longer felt great the way I was set up. Many people have asked me who to see for a bike fit in Tucson and I never had an answer for that! Sure there are plenty of people who do it, but since I am like the princess and the pea sitting on my bike, I wouldn’t go to just anyone.

I now have an answer for those of you who have inquired: Tim Carolan. He doesn’t have a website or anything, so contact me and I will put you in touch. I ended up with Tim because I have a pro cyclist friend who told me to see Tim and said, “He is so good that if you aren’t happy with your fit, I will pay for it.” Luckily for both him and I, he doesn’t owe me any money! The fit was awesome. I was especially impressed with all of the stuff Tim did with my feet; my cleat positioning was bugging the heck out of me and he used some tricks that I have never seen before in order to get that part figured out. Also, he adjusted my set-up so I am a lot more comfortable in the aeroposition, which will ultimately mean more power.

It’s time for a little jog and then some moving, but I have one more thing to share today: an interview I did with Tri Madness. I was pretty impressed with their well-researched questions, so you just might learn something that you didn’t already read here. Click here for the Tri Madness interview.

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