19 January 11: Big Weekend!

by hillarybiscay

I think I have only just recovered from our big weekend. The GCM and I took a whirlwind, 24-hour trip to Des Moines for a very important wedding: that of our friends TJ and his beautiful, super-stud better half, Ashley. It was a very quick trip, but well worth it!

It was a perfect night, and with these two, it goes without saying that they both looked amazing . . . Our friend Eric Wynn took some awesome photos of the occasion, too.

How cute are our TYR party favors?!?

I must admit that I was in a bit of denial about the weather at this time of year in Iowa, and was thus quite alarmed at the never-ending whiteness that I saw out the window when our plane was landing on Saturday. Turns out I hadn’t exactly brought proper attire for a run in that white stuff on Sunday. It seems that I thought if I brought my cute little Skirt Sports LottaBreeze Capri skirt situation that the weather would cooperate. Not so much. Luckily I did bring a big, long coat to wear over this . . .

Soooo Sunday morning for my 15-mile jog, I actually had the pleasure of visiting the most fancy YMCA I have ever seen! The Des Moines YMCA is a huge two-story complex with a pool and looks like an upscale fitness club. Upstairs, where we were treadmill-ing, there is a 1/10 mile track around the perimeter of the building. I was amazed that people who seemed to have a fair amount of mileage to do opted for the perimeter rather than the treadmill, but I guess they are going somewhere rather than running in place, when it comes down to it! It definitely made for fun people-watching for me!

Today I have an article that I want to share with you. I thought it was appropriate in light of our discussions about goals; it’s a lovely reminder from a special age-group ironwoman, Susan Lacke, about mental fortitude. Check it out here; you will not be disappointed.

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