8 March 11: Exceeding Expectations News!

by hillarybiscay

So much news this week I can hardly contain myself! I am overwhelmed by the response to my Exceeding Expectations project. Thank you all for reading, and for getting behind this effort. Over the weekend, Nate’s College Fund got a huge boost: a couple of dear friends of mine have very generously offered to match all donations up to our goal of $15,000. This means that when we meet our goal of raising money to put Nate through a year of UCSD, we will actually have raised enough funds to put him through two years of UCSD–all the way til his graduation! It also means that every dollar you donate to Nate’s College Fund here will be doubled, thanks to my awesome friends.

The EE kids have been busy in the past few weeks. Last weekend many of them raced and won awards in various distances at the Desert Triathlon, including Josh and Archi’s first and third in the international distance. At 15, they managed to crush the 18-19-year-olds!

Just a few weeks ago, Miguel and Archi did the 55-mile “Tour de Palm Springs” ride as part of their prep for their first half ironman at the Vineman 70.3 this summer.

And finally, Archi and Josh performed in a concert with the San Bernardino Country Honors Orchestra, for which they have been selected for the past five consecutive years.

If you are getting the idea that these kids are multi-talented, that’s because they are! All they need is opportunity. Thank you for helping us create more opportunities for these kids.

Thanks especially to the following friends who have already contributed to Nate’s College Fund:

Lucy Francis

Annika Elias

Sharon Rodier

Beth Shutt

Julie Gross

Jessica Gubbins

Elizabeth McCourt

Sumner Smith

Mary Mistele

Jordan Blanco

Jennifer Maher

Stephanie & Chris Boutilier

Dawn Callahan

Diana Hassel

Prasit Vassantachart

Paul & Ashley Powell

Emily Cocks & Andrew Skolnick

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