12 March 11: Reunited!

by hillarybiscay

Reunited and it feels so good . . . Linsey, Meredith and I have finally managed to get ourselves together in the same town outside of a race. We’ve been scheming about this for months, and today we actually got to do a 4.5-hour training ride together. It is such a treat to have Mere in town here and staying at the Biscay-Twelsiek Desert Oasis and Spa for a few days.

In other fun news, training is going really well! Inspired by Sally, it seems that every runner and triathlete in Arizona managed to dig in and set some kind of personal best in training this week. We have all been reminded appreciate and make the most of every opportunity that we have to go out and smash ourselves.

Yesterday’s tempo run was the best long-ish training run I have had in a couple of years, and then the GCM and I hit the pool with Team McDonald. This is where something pretty unusual happened: I set a training personal-best at the end of our main set in the pool (5×800 with paddles, buoy, and band, descending 1-5). After swimming for 22 years, it is not often that this happens to me. Yet in spite of running pretty hard that morning, I felt great, and definitely had something inside constantly reminding me that I could push just a little harder. I have done that set or some variation thereof countless times over the past few years, and yesterday’s last 800 was several seconds faster than I had ever been able to finish it. This was a great reminder that even when it seems most unlikely, if we work hard enough, we can always find something else in ourselves that we didn’t know was there.

Happy training weekend!

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