14 March 11: 2010 Year in Review

by hillarybiscay

My tax man asked me to come up with a list of how many nights I had spent in each of my various “on the road” destinations last year. I went through last year’s calendar and did some math; the list even surprised me when I saw it on paper so I thought it was worth sharing here. Per Mr. Accountant’s instructions, these exclude “personal” trips; all of this travel was for races, appearances for sponsors, and other tri-related work:

Phoenix, AZ:  5

Langkawi, Malaysia: 12

Abu Dhabi, UAE: 12

San Diego: 1

Las Vegas: 1

Los Angeles: 3

Lanzarote, Spain: 21

Florianopolis & Rio, Brasil: 7

San Luis Obispo, CA: 2

Kona, Hawaii: 63

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho: 4

Lake Placid, New York: 9

Lemgo, Germany: 10

Copenhagen, Denmark: 7

Louisville, Kentucky: 12

Madison, Wisconsin: 15

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