20 August 11: Bonus Race!

by hillarybiscay

If you have been reading here for awhile, you have probably figured out that there is about one thing that I love more than a big, long race . . . and that is a big, long bonus race! You know—the unplanned, last-minute addition to the race schedule . . . these are actually my favorite kind of races. I think it has something to do with my strategy of trying to avoid thinking about racing before racing—that and well, I always love bonus miles of any kind. Let’s be honest.

Soooooo last week I decided to add a bonus race to my schedule for next week! Yep, I have inserted Ironman Louisville into my schedule before the iron-distance Rev3 in Cedar Point two weeks later, and I am pretty freakin’ excited about it. I feel like I am ready to bust out a couple of good races and, when I look at what comes after Cedar Point, there aren’t really any races calling my name. So Coach and I figured that I may as well try and bang out two good ones right now! Plus, I am coming down from altitude tomorrow night, so I think I should be feeling pretty good this week. It will definitely be interesting to see , at the very least.

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I also had extra incentive for choosing this particular race, as one of my star athletes, Alyssa, will be racing in Louisville and is ready to crush it. It was making me upset that I wasn’t going to be there to witness this in person, so now I have remedied the situation. I also have BFF reunions to look forward to with Amanda and my college roommate, Jen, who lives nearby.

Who else is coming to Louisville??

Please come say hello next Friday the 26th at 10AM: I will be signing posters in the Ironman Merchandise tent in the expo!! Hope to see lots of you there!


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