22 August 11: Swim-o-Rama

by hillarybiscay

After a few hours’ ride on the German Pain Train, the GCM and I celebrated our last workout in Salida yesterday afternoon at the pool. We were celebrating because we were getting the heck out of there and finally heading home; Salida was a nice enough place, but for us not an optimal training situation. We definitely made the most of what we had and got some good work done, but had been counting the days til home! I had spent one day at home in 2.5 months and was missing our house . . .

salida pool

I was also celebrating the end of a big swim week—nothing too crazy but a fair bit bigger than normal for me, so I figured that it was worth reporting.

Week of August 21st in Swimming

Monday: 10,000 yards at 10,000 feet. Workout posted here.

Tuesday: 2,000 meters (2,200yards), easy flush

Wednesday: 5,200 meters (5,720 yards), short-rest 50s with buoy & band

Thursday: 2,200 meters (2,420 yards), easy flush

Friday: 6,200 meters (6,820 yards). This was a swim-only day, so I tried to make my arms fall off with a combo of band-only, fast 50s, and fartlek with paddles, buoy, band.

Saturday: 3,000 meters (3,300 yards), easy flush.

Sunday: 5,100 meters (5,610 yards), descending 800s with paddles, buoy, band.

Total weekly yardage: 36, 070 yards

The pool in Salida was actually short course meters, but since yards are the norm for me these days, I always convert when I am totaling my numbers. A normal swim week for me is in the mid-20,000s, so this past week was 10,000 or so yards more than normal.

I find that the more I swim, the better I swim! Sounds basic but you would be surprised how many people ask me how to improve their swims. While I know that 25s of stroke drills look like a painless option, I personally believe that swimming more is the way to swimming better.

 Heck I swam about 75,000 yards or more per week for years when I was a real swimmer, and even with all of those yards and meters in the bank, I still need to swim, swim, and swim more—so I can only believe that for those who haven’t made a deposit like this, the need to swim becomes even greater.


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