7 September 11: Shutting it Down

by hillarybiscay

The GCM and I had a special treat here the past two days: a visit from our dear friend, Muffin! Muffin is now Dr. Muffin and is practically our neighbor, since he has moved to Phoenix to work as an ER doc there.

Muffin is an amazing guy whom I have known since I first started racing, and who has helped me out lots throughout my career. He was not only a coach but raced ironman as a pro during medical school–with some pretty impressive results too.

So of course his visit involved some training; but after spending the morning out in the desert “riding bikes,” as we like to say, it was time to shut it down. This means that I have 3 more days before it’s race day again, and the hay is in the barn. Not much training is going to be happening between now and Sunday.

muffin coffee 2

So after I made Muffin spend some quality time testing out my Recovery Pump boots, we hung out at Starbucks. Pumpkin Spice soy lattes are back in season, by the way. That was a highlight.

mac n cheese

Then my friend Steph came over and we whipped up some dinner for the GCM, who was still out training. He is not shutting it down, since he still has four weeks ‘til his big one. Steph made this awesome kale-mushroom extravaganza with a red wine-nutmeg sauce. And I made this gluten-free-vegan chickpea mac-n-cheese.

We have become addicted to this recipe, which is a Lindsay Cotter special, and is posted here. I just made a couple adjustments: first, because I didn’t even know what the heck pimentos were, I put in something red (whatever it was looked red in the picture) from my fridge, which was red bell pepper. And second, I added a bunch of chopped red onion. I didn’t measure the onion.

Tonight I basically doubled the recipe and used a box of brown rice pasta and a box of quinoa pasta, because those were what we had in our cupboard. I used two whole red bell peppers for the double batch.  A double batch also means that I have lunch for the plane tomorrow!

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