6 November 11: Recovery Pump 4-1-1

by hillarybiscay

Finally, some details about those “crazy space boots,” about which I have received many emails . . .Those big puffy boots are called the Recovery Pump, and they are a recovery tool that I have been using all season.

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Think “compression socks on steroids.” My friend Emily, who is similarly obsessed with her Recovery Pump, described the boots that way and I thought it was perfect. Basically, you plug in the pump, zip your legs up in the boots, and they compress in sections all the way up your legs, which massages and flushes all of the junk out of them after a hard training day. The Recovery Pump increases circulation and blood flow, so after 30-60 minutes of sitting in them, you have reduced soreness, fatigue, and swelling.

I can tell you that it works. When my legs are tired, I always notice a difference immediately upon standing up after some time in the boots. I can even look at my legs and see that the swelling that happens after a hard run or travel has diminished. It is pretty crazy.

I use these boots once or twice a day, depending on how much time I have to sit down and what kind of training I am doing. As a rule, I try to spend an hour in them each night, once I am done training—and if I don’t have an hour on the couch, I just fall asleep with them on! Also, if I have a hard session on the legs in the morning and another one in the afternoon, I try to spend 30 minutes in them at some point in between. In both instances, I have noticed that my warm-up time/ heavy-leg period in the next hard session is less than it used to be. After a long, hard day on the bike on Saturday, I no longer have to spend the first 45 minutes of my Sunday run trying to get my legs moving.


The boots and pump are pretty light and portable, too, so I take them whenever I travel—even when I am traveling with just a carry-on. They definitely help to combat “plane legs” after long flights. And when I travel with them, everyone seems to want to give them a try! Above is 7-year-old Kestrelle from my Coeur d’Alene homestay family . . . Her legs were a tad small for my boots! They do come in different sizes, by the way . . .

These boots were designed for medical use, so they are the real deal—and Recovery Pump has finally made them affordable, as these are about 1/4 the price of the competition.

Please don’t hesitate to shoot any questions you might have about the Recovery Pump my way!

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