16 November 11: Took a Right Turn . . .

by hillarybiscay

Good news: this is me today, about to take a ride down a street which is not called Struggle Street!


Yesterday I was able to officially confirm that after seven days of paying some important dues to Struggle Street, followed by a couple of easier days to let the training marinate, it appears to have sunk in . . . Yesterday I had my best tempo run in—literally—years, followed this morning by my best high-intensity bike session ever ?!?!

I’ll take it.


Another one of today’s highlights: this javelina festival that I ran into on tonight’s ride! It was also a highlight that I saw them tonight instead of during this morning’s ride, when I surely would have run smack into one of the javelinas on the road . . . I always know I am working hard enough on the bike when I literally can’t really see. I think I nearly crashed into super-training-partner Sam at least four times. But I am proud to say that I logged a total of 30 combined minutes at just above the GCM’s ironman watts Smile That was a first.


Lowlight: only having a blackberry camera to capture the javelina extravaganza!


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