Star Athlete Smashfest!

by hillarybiscay

I am very pleased to report that my body is feeling pretty decent today after yesterday’s run effort. I was able to test it swimming, biking, and running today and it held up alright. Again, I am thankful for Coach Joel’s training for being able to run that pace for 13+++ miles and not be at least somewhat dysfunctional today. As annoyed as I was about the race course distance and all, I am appreciating the fact that my run confirmed that we are indeed on the right track here and the work is working!

Speaking of which: yesterday morning while I was having my little half marathon smashfest workout here in Arizona, one of my star athletes was having her own in Austin.

jen post-half mary

I told you about Ms. Jennifer and her 26th-birthday smashfest party a couple of weeks ago. Well yesterday she had her first progress-check of the season at the Austin Livestrong Half Marathon. I actually told Jen ahead of time that I wished we were in the same city and could run the same race because I was pretty darn sure that she would be chasing me down. And indeed she would have been! Nothing like having speedy athletes to keep a coach on her toes–I love this!

Jennifer busted out a 3-minute half marathon PR and ran a 1:29. Check out her report here. And you might want to watch that blog as I think this is just the beginning of what is going to be a great season, with many more to come!

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