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Sorry to go MIA! I have been on the road and getting connected to the internet in Clermont, Florida has proved to be more of a challenge than I had anticipated. I think half the issue is that the places where I can get online don’t allow these things:

clermont moo

Yep—Missy Moo, the bike and I are in Clermont for a little visit to Coach Joel’s training camp. Turns out that traveling solo with a puppy across country is fairly challenging. Add a ginormous bike case to the mix and getting here felt like an ironman.

I arrived at my cheap motel on early Wednesday morning and set the alarm to get up for swim practice 3 hours later. However Miss Eva decided to spend at least one of those hours barking at every sound in the hallway, so I went into day one of get-smashed-by-tiny-ITU-people camp with a solid two hours sleep.

As if I needed to add to the challenge! Coach is here with a bunch of his olympic-distance athletes, including three who were actually part of the Olympic Team for Canada in the last games—so we are talking about very fast athletes who specialize in a race that is just about 2 hours long. Speedsters.

What does this mean for me?

gas station coffee

Gas station coffee is my new BFF.

And I need a nap. Badly.

Will be back soon now that I think I have internet figured out.

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