Homeward Bound

by hillarybiscay

Coach sent me a photo of us not-so-eager swimmers yesterday, wading our way into the lake-o-gators in the cold . . .

clermont lake louisa swim

Today I ran into my girlfriend Kimmie, who is a triathlete based in Clermont, and she confirmed that, “Oh yeah there are big ones in there . . .” about Lake Louisa and gators. Awesome.

In related news, I am happy to report that I am now on a plane back to Tucson. My lovely squadmates, however, will be swimming in the lake again next weekend in an ITU race there. I am already getting so pumped about some virtual-spectating action this weekend: both the BFF and the GCM are racing! Mere is doing one of my all-time fave races, Ironman New Zealand, and the GCM will be tackling the Abu Dhabi Triathlon.

I will just be happy to be home  and reunited with my house and kitchen, in particular. I went for the $45/night cheap-motel option in Clermont and thus ended up at the lovely Days Inn on the side of the highway. I don’t need luxury, but staying there was slightly traumatic. It also meant that I didn’t have kitchen facilities and I have eaten more packaged food in the past few days than I care to think about!

As a training locale, Clermont was fine minus the lack of healthy eating options (Chipotle and Crispers were the best that I found), which isn’t a huge issue if one can cook for oneself. Soooo I am looking forward to a lot of salads, etc in my near future.

Nonetheless, I am so glad that I had a few days to spend with Coach and the kids. It was a very productive visit. Now it’s back to Tucson and the Tuesday smashfest. Can’t wait.

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