Tri Camp Begins!

by hillarybiscay

Here is our BEFORE shot:


If all goes well, everyone will be looking far less chipper come mid-day Monday. It is a smashfest weekend, after all!

We were off to a great start this afternoon as we had a little post-travel loosen-up jog along the Santa Cruz River Trail and got to see this guy–

abdi flag

the famous Abdi–absolutely giving it to himself in what was clearly an interval session. It was awesome.

Then we took the crew to a Tucson classic—El Charro downtown—for dinner. I am loving getting to know everyone; we are amazingly fortunate to have this group of folks with us, as they are all lovely.

el charro

And we got them stocked up with goodies to help get them through the weekend, thanks to our sponsors!

el charro crew

Tomorrow we have the epic Shootout-Madera Canyon loop on the bike and a swim session. If the kids are speedy, they will be able to get it all done in time to go see Jordan Rapp speak at TriSports tomorrow night; they are highly motivated by this prospect! Love it. Lots happening in the Dirty T this weekend!

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