LA Marathon Big5K

by hillarybiscay

Sooooo the 5K today didn’t quite go as planned . . . Turns out our rainy-Saturday LA Marathon Big5K was an extreme hillfest. Less than a mile in, I realized this was not a PR-type situation, so decided that I would ignore my watch and just race!


I think that was a first for a running event, as I usually think that triathlons are for racing and running races are for training, which means striving to attain a certain pace. Plus, I am not usually fast enough to really race people anyways!

But today, looking at “situations” like the above, I knew that with my goal pace being unattainable, I needed to invent some kind of races in my head in order to keep pushing myself over these hills.


So that’s what I did. And it seemed to work—imagine that! Instead of going backwards like I usually do at the end of a 5K, I was actually passing folks in the second half of the race and even caught 2 women in the last mile.

Even more strange, I finished second overall female (out of almost 1600) even though I was a minute slower, time-wise, than the last time I ran one of these. I was so busy racing that I didn’t notice ‘til I crossed the line that I was over 20 minutes (20:11!). This put me second to a collegiate runner who was practically young enough to be my kid—crazy.

That was fun.


So was this: lunch at M Café with the fam afterwards! This is the place that did our wedding food—vegan extravaganza! Love!

I had some shitake inari, madras tempeh, and kale salad with peanut sauce. So good.


Alright, it is time to get the troops in order here! We still have to discuss Aunt Jen’s nutrition and mom and dad’s spectating plan for the marathon tomorrow—all in the marathon sherpa’s job description. That would be me!

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