More Lazy Gluten Free/ Vegan!

by hillarybiscay

It seems that the more/ harder training gets, the more I find myself “assembling,’” rather than “cooking,” and the more I am in need of quick and easy food options.

Enter XO Baking Co. mixes:

xoxo mixes

I am making my way through this collection of ridiculously-easy gluten-free mixes, all of which can be prepared vegan; they are right about my level at the moment, as they require me to add one or two ingredients and stir about 5 times before cooking. And that’s about it. Perfect.


The other night we had friends over for dinner, so I whipped up the fudge brownies, and they were a big hit, even with the non-vegan/GF people! The mix literally required me to add a banana (instead of 2 eggs) and some oil (instead of butter), then stir a few times. I then spread natural peanut butter over the mix before I baked it, because peanut butter makes pretty much everything better.

I also made the choc chip cookies a couple weeks ago and added coconut, pecans, and raisins to the mix. They were gone before I even had a chance to take a picture. Soooo I think it is safe to say that I’ve made a good discovery to add to the lazy gluten-free/ vegan repertoire. And I can let my fingers do the shopping too—I just get these mixes sent to my house. Yay. Will let you know how the other mixes go and try to take some pics before they disappear. Can’t promise anything though!

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