Mini Biscuit’s Mashed Cauliflower

by hillarybiscay

Race week means we had time to cook a dinner that, while super easy, took 30 minutes. And when I cook, I share with you (if it is a success)!

So today I have Mini Biscuit’s Mashed Cauliflower. Mini works 1.5 million hours per week at her big fancy law firm and gets up at the crack of dawn every day of the week because she trains every day, literally without exception. Soooo she says that if she ever does cook (besides at Mom and Dad’s house on weekends), this is her go-to recipe.

Ingredients: head of cauliflower, 1/2 cup shredded cheese (we used Daiya non-dairy), seasoning to taste (we used fresh garlic + salt).

dinner boiling

Here’s what you do: put the cauliflower in 2 inches of water and boil ‘til the cauliflower is very soft. I did about 22 minutes (with the top on the pot, by the way) last night and I should have done more!

dinner cauliflower

Then cut off all the green, stalk-y parts and chop the cauliflower up a bit. I did two heads last night (doubled the recipe), so that gave me a massive bowl of cauliflower!

dinner daiya

Here’s what I added: half a bag of Daiya and a handful (not all of that!) of fresh garlic.

dinner unmashed

It looked like this and then we mashed, just like potatoes. I have to admit that I had to call for assistance on the mashing because I did not let the cauliflower cook long enough and it was tough to do! So make sure you test it with a fork before you stop boiling to be sure it is really soft.


Maiki cooked up the quinoa and some broccoli with red onion and garlic, and this was dinner!

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