Vegas, Baby!

by hillarybiscay

vegas stuff

We are on the road to Vegas, finally! it seemed to take forever to get organized for this race, but once again I was thankful for my illustrated to-pack list here.

This year we have a few new and different items to bring along, though! First, I now don’t go anywhere without my RecoveryPump boots. Once I realized how easy they were to travel with, even on the plane, I don’t leave home without them. They will be key after 7 hours in the car today and, of course, post-race! In case you missed it, this is my affiliate code again for a discount if you want to order your own boots: A11021.

vegas heels

Especially after a night in these shoes right after the race . . . It is Vegas, after all!
And I am happy to report that I will be fueled by plenty of PowerBar Gel! Has anyone tried the Kona Punch flavor?? That’s my gel of choice this weekend.

I am so pumped to race in a Rudy Project helmet and sunnies! I must admit that I usually hate wearing an aerohelmet and would avoid it at all costs because the ones I had worn previously were so heavy and uncomfortable that I was even somewhat distracted by them. I cannot believe how lightweight this helmet is—it is nuts!!! I am pretty sure it is lighter than the regular Giro helmet I wore for training before I switched to Rudy. This is going to be a fun new experience—and I hear we are in for some serious wind on Saturday.

vegas pup

Oh yeah, one more new addition to the packing list this year: the pup!

Heck, she won’t even let us eat without being right there –that’s Cat trying to eat lunch yesterday—so clearly she was not about to stay home while Mom and Dad were in Vegas.

Family road trip!

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