Who said this was a good idea?

by hillarybiscay

Me? Really?!?

Ian said he was cursing my name during the race for bringing us all here to this gnarly windfest of a day . . .

It was indeed epic.

Right now about the only positive things I have to say about my day are that I did not get blown off my bike, am alive, and made it to the finish line.

That might be all I accomplished today.

On the VERY bright side, however, my GCM led from start to finish (led out of the water!!!) and took home a big win! So proud.

Gotta get showered and look presentable now.

leadman pre-race with ems

BFFs are here and it isn’t often that we get to spend quality time! That’s me and Ems pre-race—that was just a small taste of the wind to come our way . . .

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