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Mr. Woodling complained that the GCM’s Leadman victory only merited “one dinky picture” on the blog.

cat leadman win

That’s because I had to spread out the good news this week, Mr. Woodling! I knew that I was going to need some more happy material for forthcoming blogs so the winner’s photo gallery had to wait ‘til the next one.

You see, in the interest of authenticity, although I hate to do so, I have to admit that I’ve been dealing with a bit of a “situation” for the past few weeks. I hate the “I” word, so I will just say “situation.” And after—well, no, by the middle of—the race this weekend, my rapidly-diminishing denial about said “situation” had been smacked right out of me.

And I still had to find a way to make it from the lake up to Boulder City. I had gotten myself into this “situation,” and I have rules about finishing things—races, namely—that I have started, so I had to find a way to get there.

Even though I couldn’t really run uphill. I would describe my “run”—because of course I still insisted on pretending– as something that resembled slow speed-walking. Basically I just pumped my arms as hard as I could in order to make my legs move. And exercised a lot of patience.


I did eventually make it there. But not without being forced to realize that I did indeed have a “situation” on my hands, about which I had spent most of the previous month being in denial. And I knew that I needed to not put myself on another start line until it was sorted.

So that was a bit of a bummer.

leadman cat post-race

Cat really wasn’t bummed, though; I think he just looks a bit ill here because he had just finished his traditional post-race puke-fest. Yay, Cat! And yay Ian for looking fresh as a daisy after that smashfest!

Anyways, to conclude this discussion about the “situation,” it is probably just today that I can finally talk about it because I feel like the countless hours I have spent with various docs and therapists working on my back and hips over the past couple weeks might be starting to take effect: today I was actually able to run ironman pace off the bike for the first time in over a month! Yes I realize that this shouldn’t be a big ask, but that is how pathetic I let the situation get here.

Denial is a powerful thing. Convincing oneself of things that aren’t real is a skill that can come in handy during endurance races, but can also come back to bite one on other occasions!

I am so thankful for the daily—often 2x per day—work with Dr. Eric Vindiola here in Tucson; between this and the recent addition of the miracle worker, Dr. John Ball, to the mix, I will be back soon!

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