Crazy People!

by hillarybiscay

Since it is Wednesday, I think it is about time that I get around to talking about the amazing weekend my crazy people had! Today was a 6-hour brick here followed by a 6-hour trip to the miracle doc John Ball for some serious work…I have 3 days like this this week so there’s not been a lot of blog time!

andi 100

Soooo last weekend in Santa Barbara Ms. Andi was scheduled to run a 100-mile race. Only problem was that the weather got really bad, the trails washed out, and it was cancelled . . . five miles in!

However, you have heard here about Andi’s intense training regime, and she doesn’t do this for nothing: she had prepared for 100 miles and no silly race director was going to tell her otherwise. So, without missing a beat, Andi ran back to the start and devised a one-mile loop where she could complete her 100 miles. Soon enough, four of the other racers who had assumed their day was over joined in. And Andi’s super support staff hubs, Don, set up an aid station to support them all for the next 24 hours . . .

How do you like that?!

And as it turned out, Andi didn’t even need support for 24 hours because she didn’t just complete 100 miles; she logged her fastest 100-mile time yet, 22:59.

neil bike

As if that weren’t enough material for me to brag about this weekend, two of my guys did me really proud at the Marquee Half Ironman here in Phoenix. Above is 100x100s Neil crushing it on the bike. Not surprisingly, he kicked off the race with a half- PR swim then continued the trend from bike to run to finish with a massive PR at the distance and  an age-group win!

On the same course, one of my long-time superstars, Marc Rubin, was having an important day. After cartilage-transplant surgery on his knee two years ago, this was his first half ironman finish—a huge step en route to some big races this season. This is a guy who went from 300 lbs. to qualifying for Kona in 2009, so if anyone is capable of a comeback, it is him.

How can I not be fired up when I have the privilege of working with athletes like this?!?! Love them.

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