Back in Noosa!

by hillarybiscay

I am so happy to be back in Noosa!

noosa map

For Mom and Dad and anyone else who might be wondering, here is your visual-aid for “Where is Noosa?” And “Where is Noosa in relation to Port Macquarie (where the ironman is)?”

port map

At top you can see Noosa Heads up the coast from Brisbane, and just above if you travel down the coast from Brisbane, you will find Port Macquarie!


I’ve already had a little swim in here—the GAC, or the Granger Aquatic Center, in BFF Belinda and Justin’s backyard! It is 20 meters, so we do 5-lap 100s in here. It was great fior a loosen-up after a post-travel jog with Belinda.


Then we met Team McKenzie at an awesome local Japanese place that had tons of vegetarian and gluten-free options—so great to be reunited with all my kids here! I made it all the way ‘til 9pm and managed to sleep eight hours. Just gotta keep this schedule ‘til the race now!

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