Noosa Sunday!

by hillarybiscay

Sunday mornings are a Noosa highlight. Sunday morning always meant a long, hot run and the farmer’s market with friends afterwards. These mornings are one of the things I miss most when I’m halfway across the world from my friends here and I can see them all sending messages to each other on twitter about meeting up at the markets.

4 29 post run with bg

But today I finally got to join in the fun again! Above was my attempt to capture the fact that Belinda and I looked like we had been swimming by the time we finished our run. Instead I captured the fact that my sunscreen sweated out and turned me into a ghost–and my fave new running outfit, courtesy of other BFF Mere!

4 29 amanda's famous acai

We finished our run at the McKenzie house for Amanda’s famous acai bowls. In one of my more brilliant moves, I got her hooked on the stuff during our trip to Brasil for ironman last year—not just on the bowls but on mixing Tropical Tango Vega into them . . . yesssss! And since she is pretty much the chef extraordinaire, she now whips up restaurant-quality acai bowls with Vega right at home. Um, these were amazing.

noosa markets

After a quick shower it was time for the markets!

noosa markets w the girls

And more coffee, of course! I also loaded up on gluten-free/ vegan treats, bananas, and found some pumpkin hummus—yes, please! Then since at least 90 minutes had passed since the acai meal, I had some curried lentil soup for lunch.

After this little tour de coffee and food, I had better race hard next weekend!

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