Home Sweet Home!

by hillarybiscay

I am finally home sweet home and reunited with my pup and my GCM!! Although I made it back to our house about 11:30PM last night , the bike still had to be unpacked and assembled so that I could hit the road for a three-hour ride at 6:30 AM this morning before heading over to Phoenix to see Dr. Ball—no rest for the weary.

topanga cottage

I had a productive 1.5-day visit to LA on my way home. I managed to get to the Brasilian Consulate to apply for my visa for my trip which is just 11 days away and  secure this little cabin for the GCM and I to hole up in the mountains this summer and get. the. work. done! So excited about this.

red onion with mary

A visit home is never complete without a trip to the Red Onion, the Mexican establishment where we had our rehearsal dinner. That’s me and our next-door neighbor, my godmother, Mary.

1979 mary and mom

And that’s us and my mom in 1979. Mary passed this little gem along to me just yesterday—had to share.

Tomorrow when I recover some brain cells, I hope to post a blog about my injury and treatment, as I have received a bunch of messages from folks having similar issues and looking for suggestions. So I will try to get this information written up in the next day or two!

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