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This weekend was a spectathlon extravaganza here in Tucson. That’s me, Cat, and Aunt Sammy camped out watching the men’s ITU WTS race in San Diego being broadcast live over the internet. We got it hooked up to our TV and it was awesome! Of course proper virtual spectating for these deals requires multiple computers: one for video viewing, another for checking out live splits—and sometimes a third for discussing the action with other superfans via the internet. Love it.

The races were so flippin’ exciting; I mean, we could not possibly have asked for more action, especially in the competition for the US Olympic spots. That drama was amazing to watch and the tears at the finish by Laura and Manny—incredible.

coach and the boys

Coach’s guys did great too; that’s him after the race with two of them, Tim Don and Kyle Jones, who just got themselves one step closer to qualifying for London (one more race to go in Madrid in a couple of weeks). Thanks to Coach Paulo for letting me steal this pic!

long run with sammy and leanda

It wasn’t all cheerleading this weekend, though. Coach has a fairly ambitious training plan in place at the moment even though I leave a week from today for another ironman. On Saturday, we had a lovely group ride with all the pro chicks in town + token eye candy, GCM, and then yesterday Aunt Sammy introduced Leanda and I to a gnarly dirt road in Saguaro Park West for our long run. Oooh it hurt bad; we are now officially into the second-week post ironman and it is bound to be an ugly few days. Like clockwork. All part of the process. On that note, it is time to hit the pool!

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