Ironman Texas!

by hillarybiscay

Today was yet another exciting day for virtual spectating and to be a coach! My kids did me so proud today at Ironman Texas, in more ways than one . . .

dawn cheering section          dawn imtx sign

Kona Dawn and her little one, Paige, set up shop to cheer on my athletes and super camper, Damie, who had an awesome race today. I hope no one was dilly-dallying when they passed these two!

neil post-race imtx

Neil rode through his age group on the bike, ran a loop right on pace, suffered for 13 miles, then came back to run to the finish. We have some cramping issues to figure out but I am proud of him for sticking with it when things got ugly; he has a lot of good work in the bank and we will cash in those chips at Ironman NYC come August!

jen imtx run

Little Miss Jennifer took her racing to a new level today with a 10:47 and third-place in the 25-29 age group!!

jen imtx run close

This was only her second ironman, and she improved her time from Cozumel in November by 22 minutes. I am proud of so many things about her day—which I will let her share with you in detail on her blog—but one of them is something she told me when we spoke tonight. She said, “I have never hurt so much crossing the finish line as I did today.” I think that half the battle with ironman racing is learning to push our physical (and mental, of course) limits a bit further with each race experience; Jennifer took another great step forward in this respect today too. Proud coach!

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