Brasil by the Numbers

by hillarybiscay

After 25 hours of travel, I am back “home” in Brasil. If you have been following here for awhile, you know that this is one of my very favorite places to visit for an ironman. I realized last night during my post-travel jog (the very last thing my legs ever want to do after 25 hours of travel but a necessary evil) that this is will be my sixth Ironman Brasil, which makes it take the lead for the most race repeats of all those I have done in my career. Come September, it will be an even tie with Ironman Wisconsin, as that will be my sixth time racing in Madison also.

floripa local knowledge

One of the things I love about coming back here is that I now have so many friends in this part of the world. In fact, this year I’m staying in a house with some Brasilians that I hadn’t met before—friends of friends.

This morning we ran into my friend and local Floripa pro, Ana Lidia Borba. Love getting the local knowledge!

floripa with ana lidia

25 hours from the time my flight took off in Tucson on Monday til my third flight touched down in Florianopolis on Tuesday

33: minutes of running after this last flight that it took for my legs to come back to life

6 x ironman here in Floripa

54th ironman

3, 6, 2, 4, 4 : my finish positions here at Ironman Brasil

3: weeks since my last ironman (Australia)

6 days til my next race (Honu 70.3) after Ironman Brasil

floripa pre-swim with the guys

My friendly Brasilian tour guides—love it!

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