A Birthday and a New Home!

by hillarybiscay

I’m back for good now! After one last appointment with John Ball, driving all day out to LA, then squeezing in a quick ride on Tuesday, it was all I could do to scrounge up some food and get a few hours of sleep before yesterday’s 4AM wake-up call. It was my birthday smashfest-day but I was on an early schedule so that I could enjoy some of my birthday fun with Mini Biscuit before work!

My little sis actually put her hand up to partake in a long run with me; Mini never used to like to run with people—especially me—so this was a first! We spent the first daylight hours running up and down the coast where we grew up, and even saw some dolphins. It was awesome.

birthday outfit

Powered by my birthday present from Mere (and no small amount of inspiration from another big win for her on Sunday at Eagleman 70.3) my goal was to get in about 50 kilometers of running for the day, so I ran a bit longer to get in 3.5 hours in the morning. Along the way, Cameron and I had managed to run into one of my old training partners out on his cruiser, and he ended up cruising alongside me all the way til I finished. Thanks, Dana–I think we are almost all caught up now!

topanga front door view

The other news: GCM and I are in our new home in Topanga, a little town in the mountains between Santa Monica and Malibu. More pics to come! I love this place already, though; the riding straight out our door is unbelievable. So yesterday after my first run, I showed the GCM a loop through the canyons here on the bike. Then I drove down to Santa Monica to do one more hour of running and an easy swim before meeting the fam for birthday dinner in Venice—such a treat! I am not sure of the last time that I actually got to have dinner on my birthday with Mom, Dad, and Cameron—and now my GCM, too.

topanga downtown

One more birthday workout up today—any guesses what it might be?!?!?

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