LA-Style Smashfest

by hillarybiscay

Smashfests here in LA involve lots of this . . .


Time in the mountains way high above the ocean, that is. This afternoon it was big-gear hill repeats on Latigo Canyon Road in Malibu—after a swimming smashfest courtesy of Coach Siri, who has so graciously allowed the GCM and I to join her squad for swim sessions. From what I can tell thus far, every one of her swim sessions is a smashfest; they are putting me pretty far out of my swimming comfort zone, but I love it!

Yesterday the GCM and I came home from the swim session and passed out for almost three hours . . . Who does that?!

Apparently we do now.

Today I instituted a “no sitting down” rule during our drive home from the pool so that we were forced to grab bikes and get going as soon as we got home. I’ve got five hours in those mountains on tap tomorrow and I wanted the cycling legs to have a little rest before then!

alyssa mere cda

And now I bring you  . . . Ironman Coeur d’Alene FOMO!

laura alyssa cda

My girls all met up today and I was getting live photo updates. Above is Alyssa and Mere and below is Laura, my first-timer, and Alyssa. So excited to track them all day Sunday!!!!!

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