Beachside Smashfest Weekend

by hillarybiscay

I don’t actually have any smashfest photos because I was too busy, well, getting smashed . . . It was a beautiful weekend here on the coast and we got a lot of work done. Very happy with it.

cupcake moo 2                

Manhattan Beach and Mini’s place have become our weekend home. Moo really enjoys it as well.

cupcake moo 3

Especially the fancy bakeries here that offer “doggy cupcakes.” That’s Moo’s carrot cake with peanut butter frosting, and the gluten-free red velvet that Mini and I shared.

cupcake moo

I am loving cooldown walks with the pup after runs on the Strand here.

strand 1

Today was an EPIC day of racing for my kids and the BFF; I cannot even begin to get into it now but will have a full report tomorrow! My first-timer Laura just crossed the line, and I got to hear her voice on the phone, so it is officially time for bed here.

strand 2

Perfect day!

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