treading water

by hillarybiscay

saddle peak valley view

There’s something about living in the LA area that inevitably results in my running around like a headless chicken. I thought that this summer we had set ourselves up to take advantage of the best aspects of training here while avoiding the chaos, but it seems that since we’ve been here I’ve been barely keeping my head above water. If I’ve been a bit distant, it’s because just getting my own training done and making sure my athletes are taken care of has been only-just-manageable.

I realized yesterday that I spent over four hours driving my car. That isn’t a whole lot less time than I spent actually training yesterday! Sadly, I have also had to add doctor’s visits and rehab time back into my schedule (good news is that we have lots of great resources in that department here), which meant that the past two days I left home at 6:30 AM and didn’t return til roughly 10PM. Just in case you thought professional triathletes train a few hours and sit around with their feet up the rest of the day . . .

arsenio house

That’s allegedly Arsenio Hall’s house. Yeah, I had forgotten about him too.

Some highlights of the past week and a half:

Taking a 20-minute nap between track and swim in my car in the bank parking lot.

Losing two debit cards and misplacing my purse twice. If you need ID, credit card, or cash, don’t ask me—I’m all out.

Inadvertently writing bad checks (long story), including for my health insurance, resulting in my policy being cancelled. Good thing I stayed upright on Wednesday’s bike ride!

Eating at least 50% of my meals while driving my car.

Leaving home at 5:45 AM for a long ride last Saturday, thinking I’d be home a few hours later, yet somehow not finding time to drive back home ‘til Monday afternoon.

wed bike

Actual highlights:

Riding places like this.

Swim training with Coach Siri and her squad.

Not training in 105F every day!

fwood saddle peak ride

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