My Swim Buddy

by hillarybiscay

Who is your swim buddy??

This is mine:


That’s the one-and-only Dede G, 2x Ironman Champion and 3x Kona top-ten finisher. She’s also a dear friend. She’s one of those people that I felt like I’d known for years way back when we first met as newbie pros in 2005, probably because our formative years spent in frighteningly similar environments—first as club swimmers on opposite coasts, and then as scholarship athletes at rival Pac-Ten universities.

Finally, this summer, she’s my swim buddy. I mentioned that swimming with Siri’s crew is one of the highlights of being in LA; well, Dede is part of Siri’s squad, and this means that we pretty much spend every practice on one another’s feet or literally racing side-by-side in the lane. We are the swim twins. I love it.

This is all to introduce a blog that my swim twin wrote today; I liked it more than anything I had to write, so really just wanted to post a link here, but this has turned into a post in itself . . . .

In her blog today, my swim buddy not only provided a little window into the Siri Swim Smashfests that I’ve been enjoying so much, but she also gave a great illustration of the old swimming days. I have cried in my goggles many, many times . . . Read here.

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