Weekend at HOME!

by hillarybiscay

OMGGGGG we just had our first weekend at home since, hmmm, before Ironman Brasil! By my math, that means our first weekend her at home in Tucson in three months. And it was amazing: naps every day, 8 hours of sleep per night, unpacking and cleaning, healthy food, and catching up with friends. Yes it all sounds quite basic, but after our summer, it feels like a luxury to have time for all this.

Cat and I are on a cooking binge because we are still in awe of having a whole, big kitchen to ourselves. Over the weekend, we made green curry veggie stir fry with rice, a couple of massive salads (key ingredients at the moment: cashews and nectarines!), a gluten-free/ vegan pesto-tomato pizza, pineapple-date pizza, banana pancakes, and many VEGA shakes . . . .

pineapple pizza

That’s Cat’s famous pizza: Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free crust, fresh pineapple chunks, fresh banana slices, chopped dates, and Daiya vegan cheddar shredded cheese on a honey base. This one is a staple around here!

It was a hot but beautiful weekend here. This is from our social ride on Saturday; I just had to take a pic because the mountains looked so amazing in the distance. Can you spot Cat in white up the road?!?

ritz ride sat 

Today it is back on Coach Siri’s plan; the real  hard work begins again!

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