Riding in the Rain

by hillarybiscay

It’s not every day that we document our ride with pictures but Wednesday’s was one for the books . . . since this is how Saguaro National Park looked . . .

pissing down 8 22

when it usually looks like this:

sunny back side gates

that was our tri camp back in March.

rainy ride 2

This week we had to get off our bikes three times to cross “rivers.” At this time of year, when we are melting most of the time, we get some crazy storms that seem to arrive out of nowhere. Hence we found ourselves miles from home and shelter with pouring rain, thunder and lightning all around us. Don’t they say that you should vacate a pool if the count between the lightning and thunder is six or less???

That’s what I remember. Well the count was about half a count on Wednesday and there was nowhere to hide. I was actually pretty freaked out.

rainy ride 8 22

Then things would calm down for a few minutes and I could enjoy myself . . .

back side gates in the rain 1

Our dear friend Paul “Keepin’ it Lean” Thomas recorded the whole adventure because he has an incredible waterproof iphone case (“Lifeproof”—the thing is amazing. I had never seen one before.).

back side gates in the rain

So now you know what riding the back side of Gates Pass looks like in a storm.

rainy back side gates

Almost home!!!

Happy we survived.

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