Virtual Spectating Extravaganza

by hillarybiscay

It is not often that I am happy to have an easy training day, but today was one of those days! Indeed I was pretty smashed by the end of training yesterday, but that is not why . . .

No, today, being glued to my computer and crackberry was what left little time for training; today I had a virtual-spectating extravaganza.

Actually, it started in the early hours of Friday morning when the email updates started coming in from my athlete Andi’s husband in Utah . . . And those continued ‘til early this morning because, you see, hers was an epic self-supported 520-mile bike race called the Hoodoo Voyager. Click there to read more about this craziness; this was her second consecutive finish and that was my blog on her race last year.

boo spectating

Then today, while I was glued to ironmanlive Ironman Canada coverage and live updates from Jennifer’s husband, Jason, I got to hear all about Alyssa’s gutsy effort at the Rev3 Maine Half Iron-distance race. After breaking 5 hours in a half ironman for the first time two weeks ago at the Dells Rev3 half, Alyssa squeezed in some ironman training mega-miles then tackled this one. On dead legs, she came up with a 7-minute PR for 4:52 and third overall female.

I know I am often recommending Alyssa’s stuff to read, but this blog she wrote last week about choosing a coach gives some great insight into her dedication as an athlete and why she is having so much success.

Aaaaaand the latest: Jennifer continued her 2012 success with yet ANOTHER PR at Ironman Canada. She flew: 10:27 and 2nd in the 25-29 age group. We are waiting for news on Kona; this should do it! More bragging on this little speedster tomorrow! Beside myself with pride in my kids today!!!

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