Thank you, Madison . . .

by hillarybiscay

for yet another unforgettable day at Ironman Wisconsin! I will post a full race report in the next day or two, but first wanted to thank everyone here for so many good wishes and lovely messages before and after the race . . . and to everyone who was out there yesterday—WOW. Thank you, thank you, you!!

imwi 2012 run pic from terrence

I was just writing an email to BFF Mere and telling her that I felt like I was winning the race during the run, judging by the enthusiasm of the crowds; it was just amazing. And in my sixth year here, I love seeing so many familiar faces on the course—ones I have come to know because of this race. Speaking of which, thank you, Terrence, for the pic above!!

Yesterday was extra-super-special too because my childhood BFF Kerry, whom you have read about here, came all the way from New York City with her husband Eric to cheer me on. This makes 2x ironmans in four weeks for them, and they aren’t even triathletes! That is love, people. It gave me such a huge boost to be able to look forward to seeing Kerry going nuts every time I hit State Street.

That extra mojo must’ve worked because I ran my fastest marathon ever on this course by 3 minutes (3:21) and did my second-fastest time on this course (9:57). The only other time I broke 10 hours was when I won, and while my other times got me 2x 2nds and a 3rd, yesterday 9:57 was only good enough for fifth. Elizabeth, Beth, and Charisa really took things to a whole new level yesterday; their runs were incredible! I never thought I’d be so happy to finish fifth here, but indeed I am pleased to see some of the work paying off.

Details to come! Now it’s time for an easy spin and a swim.

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