Next Stop: Wales!

by hillarybiscay

Since I missed my ironman double last month, an opportunity opened up (scheduling-wise) for a double on the other end of Ironman Wisconsin: Ironman Wales.

This race is supposed to be super gnarly—crazy conditions and a very hard course—so it was calling my name. I watched the TV coverage of last year’s inaugural race and read race reports like this one and could not resist putting my name down. I mean, the men’s race winner went over 9 hours! It looked epic. And beautiful.

But after bailing on my plan last month, I didn’t even want to talk about this as there’s not much I hate more than not doing what I say I’m gonna do! And I only wanted to go to Wales if I was still super pumped about it after racing Wisconsin. So I booked two tickets out of here: one back to Tucson today and one to Wales tomorrow.

And I’m still in Madison so I guess that means Wales tomorrow! Smile

My body is feeling really good, all things considered, and I am stockpiling the sleep and food and time in the Recovery Pump to get ready for next Sunday. Can’t wait!


Beth, Charisa and I managed to miss our awards yesterday since we were told the wrong time for the whole deal, and –newsflash—the pro awards are first instead of last now! So we had our own belated awards pics . . . I hope to get a race report finished while I am traveling so stay tuned for that.

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