In love already . . .

by hillarybiscay

tenby downtown

Downtown: we run through here!

Okay, I promise my Wisco race report is really almost done! Look for that tomorrow. But before I recover all my brain cells (well, all the ones I didn’t kill permanently last weekend), I figured I could at least post some pictures of Tenby, the site of Ironman Wales. This is my public service for the day because this is a must-share kind of place.

tenby windy

Windy much?!

I’ve already all but forgotten about the four flights, one shuttle, three trains, and one taxi that my bike box, million-pound duffel, backpack and my extremely jetlagged self had to deal with for 24 hours to get here. Because this place is AWESOME!!!!!

tenby swim beach 2

Swim beach for the race!

tenby swim beach

I mean, I got to see pictures and the race video ahead of time, but riding and running through here is truly like traveling through a storybook. It is nuts to think that people actually live here because it to almost too quaint and beautiful to be real.

tenby harbor

I keep pinching myself. To add to my excitement, now that I am here and had a bike and a run, shockingly, my legs didn’t even feel like lead! I figured I’d have two more days to work the trip (oh yeah, and that little race on Sunday) out of the legs, but they are coming around ahead of schedule. Added bonus!

tenby garden

I cannot wait to explore more tomorrow. Will share more pics and the Wisco race report then!

tenby island

It’s hard to see here, but those are ruins of some kind of castle or fortress on top of that island . . . I am trying to figure out if we could swim out there and climb up—morning-after-race project??

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