Smashfest Eve . . . Again!

by hillarybiscay

wales vista cafe

Somehow doing an ironman the week after another makes everything seem so easy and chilled-out; it might be because getting the gear together, remembering what I need to eat and drink beforehand, and all that are routine because I’ve just gone through this whole thing. In any case, although I’ve not been here long, I’ve managed to find a fair amount of time to sit around with my feet up and in my Recovery Pump. And above is Caffé Vista, where I sat for coffee yesterday, overlooking the swim course. It’s been quite luxurious, really!

Part of the reason things have been so easy here is probably the fact that this blue awning is my hotel and if you see the little guard gate and flags a block away, you see transition and the race expo! I kind of lucked into this but definitely need to thank reader Lucy for her local knowledge in helping me land in the right spot here—so nice!

wales marlborough and expo

Ironman Wales spectating guide: we start at 7AM, which is 11PM Saturday PST. Last year the men’s winner was over 9 hours and the women’s winner was over 10, which puts me finishing after 9AM PST on Sunday. So my west coast friends can enjoy a full night’s sleep and wake up for the exciting bit! Tomorrow there should be a “live coverage” tab at top here for you to follow along.

wales tenby wall

More pics of this lovely place for you . . . Yes, the sky seems to be grey most of the time. But that might just add to the charm. This is the wall around the town of Tenby (where the race is centered).

wales tenby wall 2

My British friend, Harry’s QOTD yesterday: “This wall is older than your country.”

Probably a true statement.

wales tenby entrance to town

Just for that, I made him take my picture under it.

wales-church in tenby

There are churches like this on every corner!

wales bike course church

Mr. Woodling will be glad to hear that I have *hopefully* gotten my picture-taking binge out of the way just in time for the race . . . I brought my camera on my ride this morning and tried not to stop tooooo much.

wales bike course view

I found a lot of this.

wales bike course ocean side

Yesterday Harry and I drove the bike course. We saw a lot of hills, got a bit lost, and I ended up pretty carsick. But check out the view from the ocean side of the course!!!

wales bike course ocean road

The road that goes up along the ocean looks more like a bike path to me. I am continually in awe of how folks here drive in two-way traffic on roads that only fit one car and don’t have head-on crashes all the time. Yesterday I just kept reassuring myself that I was at the hands of a British driver and apparently they are expert drivers, so I’d be fine . . .

wales bike course town

One of the towns on the bike course . . .

It is gonna be quite an epic adventure tomorrow. I can’t wait to take it all in.

One last thing about last week’s race before we officially move on: my friend Kerry (the best writer I know!) wrote a blog about her Ironman Wisconsin spectating experience, called “how to feel great with little to no effort on your part.” It’s pretty awesome—check it out.

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