by hillarybiscay

The idea of writing a blog has crossed my mind numerous times in the past couple days but I never seem to feel like I have enough brain cells to come up with anything coherent. Today Marilyn and I had an epic ride on the German Pain Train and I haven’t really been able to move from the couch since then……In my stupor, I was looking at pictures on my phone and decided that a puppy update in photos was right about my level at the moment. So here you go . . .
moo antlers

Christmas flashback.

moo  squirrel

Christmas aftermath: the poor squirrel ornament was one of my gifts. He didn’t last long. I’m not naming any names, but . . .

moo nap w dad

Making mischief is apparently really tiring. In the background: where all my brain cells went.

moo walk in new sweater

Pretty sure the sweater was essential for walks during the cold snap here in Tucson.

moo pink sweater

“Most Beautiful Puppy in the Neighborhood” Award-Winner.

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