Are you all in?

by hillarybiscay

It seems like every month I am more and more obsessed with the project of coaching. If I weren’t also training and racing myself, I swear I’d be coaching 30 athletes—or as many as I could handle! I just love it.

While I am employed to help and guide my athletes, they give me so much. They really do inspire me every day. Sometimes they think I am crazy because I will respond to their training logs while on a recovery interval on the trainer; but what they probably don’t realize it that reading about their smashfests inspires me to push that much harder on my next effort.

Right now I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be working with a few young iron-women who are looking to turn pro within the next couple of years, and another who will be racing her first year as a pro this year. I put these girls through some really tough stuff and their enthusiasm in tackling it serves as a constant reminder for me—as I’ve realized I’m now an old (“veteran” ??) pro. They remind me to stay on top of my game and make every session count because if I don’t, there are any number of up-and-comers preparing to run right over the top of me!


My all-in shoes: Saucony Kinvara 3.

I especially loved this quote from one of my girls’ logs this week. She’s a non-swimmer in the midst of hardcore swim camp:

I started the first interval and quickly realized I was gonna have to WORK for this session. Honestly had a mental battle during the second interval where I said "well are you all in or not?" Sort of begrudgingly decided there’s never really a choice because this what it takes. Got over it and…swim hard I did .

Obviously, doing well on race day requires making a choice to go “all in” when the suffering hits. But being mentally and physically prepared for that moment is the culmination of dozens of choices made in training in the months and years leading up to that day.

Are you all in?

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