Team HPB in Tucson, Part Two

by hillarybiscay

After 30 kilometers on the track this morning, we have earned some more RecoveryPump/ couch time, which means time for another blog post, finally!

ag js finishing 100s

My TeamHPB girls have nearly finished/ survived their ten days of work here in the Dirty T—ten days in which the 100x100s swim day was their “day off.” Above is veteran 100s swimmer Alyssa escorting Julie in for her first 100x100s finish; they actually swam side-by-side the whole way because this set is way more fun with friends!

JM finishing 100s

Jennifer focusing on the task at hand. Cameo by Uncle Muffin in the background.

jm 100s done!

Aaaaand Jennifer logs her first-ever 100x100s swim.

a mtn snow 3

Then, before this happened on Wednesday, we managed to sneak in a climb up Mt. Lemmon on an absolutely beautiful day. We were so lucky to find this on a February day!

alyssa lemmon

This was what Alyssa earned for climbing side-by-side with Coachie from start to finish. Yes, that is a head-sized cookie under those pounds of whipped cream and ice cream. On a related note, someone is ready for Ironman Los Cabos.

cookie cabin menu loving it

I was and am pretty much beside myself with pride in watching how well my girls are going.

girls @ windy point

Checking out the views on the way down . . .

windy point hb ag js

Loving. it.

team hpb windy point

Part 3 coming soon!

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