Team HPB in Tucson, Part 3

by hillarybiscay

It’s been four days since my girls left and only now have I recovered enough brain cells to report in on the final days of smashfests. I could not be more pleased with both the work we got done and the way all of us were able to bounce back so quickly and come back day after day for another good session; for these reasons, I came away from our mini-camp with a lot of confidence both in my girls’ fitness and my own.

JM tmill socks

Not to mention, lots of fond memories of a whole lotta fun with my girls! Above is Jennifer crushing our second treadmill speed sess in her Smash pink star compression socks—my fave!

a mtn snow 2

Hill repeats on A-mountain with the girls the day after our epic snow-day, during which we ate snowflakes on the wall during our swim— a Tucson first for me!

pima track

Friday I had the pleasure of sharing with my girls one of my most mentally and physically-challenging (and thus key confidence-building) sessions that was one of my go-tos in the Sutto days. It is pretty cool that I have kids who are strong enough in both ways to be able to do this one—what a great, long, morning on the track we had. We got lots of questions from the student athletes, who couldn’t figure out why we were still running after they had finished their team practices when we had been running when they arrived that morning to start.

hb arivaca ride

To “loosen up” after Friday track day, I took the girls on my newly-discovered 140-mile Arivaca loop—the longest ride any of them had ever done!

arivaca downtown

140 miles with this as the destination . . . . Yep, that’s the “town” of Arivaca.

arivaca lunch

Highlight: lunch . . .

girls @ giant cow

and the giant cow in the back half of the ride.

alyssa post-arivaca

It all resulted in this.

And one proud coach. The girls rode like champs all day on a day when their legs should’ve been falling off as a result of Friday’s run. Well, maybe they were, but they didn’t let it show.

jennifer gates

Sunday we had to do one more final strength-builder—my fave run on the Gates Pass loop. Okay, I think the girls kind of wanted to kill me and perhaps didn’t appreciate the scenery as much as I had hoped, but they did great. Above is Jennifer coming down the back side of Gates . . .

If I survive today, I should have a couple of easy days coming up, so stay tuned for another update soon!

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