Inspiration Season

by hillarybiscay

God I love race season! And it has begun . . .

 mbk imnz win

What a better way to kick it off than with the BFF taking her second consecutive Ironman New Zealand title!

The girl never ceases to inspire me.

But really, how can you not help but be totally fired up with entertainment like this coming almost every weekend now?!? I freakin love it.

This weekend is about keeping myself in check because watching stuff like this makes me want to go and have a little smashfest of my own; but apparently this is the weekend to let the work marinate so that come Monday I can start building back into training through Ironman Los Cabos in two weeks’ time. So instead, I am working on taxes, writing training programs, cooking, and living vicariously through Mere’s epic smashfest.

This healthy snack is my new recipe discovery of the weekend, thanks to a recommendation from my athlete Nancy: salt and vinegar roasted chickpeas. They came out great—the only thing I would change next time is that I’d make 4x cans of beans because these disappear quickly!

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