by hillarybiscay

the newest member of our extended family, Dennis!

dennis backyard playdate

Yes, Ms. Eva now has a cousin and playmate. Uncle Muffin and Aunt Sammy took the plunge last weekend and did their part for the puppy rescue cause by bringing home this adorable Manchester Terrier from the Humane Society. Read Alyssa’s blog to find out just how excited I was about this new arrival—actually no, read her blog to hear more about her experience at camp here in Tucson.

dennis puppy walk

Since then, he has settled nicely into family life—although the kids’ walking-together skills still need a bit of work.

puppy naptime

Above is Friday’s Cat-Puppy naptime at our house. Needless to say, we have been more than happy to babysit while the docs are studying and/ or saving lives . . . Welcome, Dennis!

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